Non-Anesthesia Teeth Cleaning 

Did you know there's an alternative to putting your dog under general anesthesia for dental cleaning? 
At Lakeside Pet Groomers we offer anesthesia-free dental cleanings for your sweet pup! We can clean all of your dog's teeth at one time, or break it up into sessions. 
We can even clean a segment of teeth while your dog is in for a grooming.

This is a great option for many dogs for several reasons:
1) No risks associated with general anesthesia.
2) Less costly than a dental cleaning under general anesthesia.
3) Takes less time than a more invasive dental cleaning.
4) Prevents the progression of gum disease and helps to reverse it. 
5) Because it is less costly, invasive and time consuming than a dental cleaning under general anesthesia, you can clean your pup's teeth more often, as a maintenance and preventative measure, as opposed to waiting till there is a painful problem in your pup's mouth.

This is not a perfect fit for every dog, but it is for many!

 Please call for a price quote.