Meet The Team


Kaori (Ms.Kay)


Kaori Kume Schwartz was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Once she finished high

school, she entered the famous Setsu Mode Seminary to study fashion and studio

art with a focus on illustration. After she left school, she worked as a fashion

model. Having completed her modeling career, she became a facial aesthetician

until which time she came to America. During her first several years in America,

she was a “stay home” Mom and raised her daughter. Kaori purchased “The

Grooming Table”, an upscale pet grooming salon in Dallas, in 2005. She brought a

well-known grooming instructor from Japan to teach her “all the ropes” of

grooming dogs and cats. She soon became known as a Master Groomer. In 2016,

she and her husband-to-be, Stuart, opened Lakeside Groomers in Lakeside

Market in Plano, Texas. It has grown and has recently moved to its new location

where daycare and retail components were added to the business.



Stuart Schwartz was always an animal lover. In the past he bred and showed Golden

Retrievers and owned a “Best in Show” Golden, Golden Kelby Dustan (“Dusty”.)

One of his published novels, “The Show Judge” was inspired by Dusty’s life. He has

also owned cats and several horses. Sports was an important part of his life as he

was a javelin thrower in college and a:ended baseball spring training with the

Boston Red Sox. He played polo for 12 years for three clubs. Stuart a:ended high

school in New Jersey and received a BA degree from Tusculum University in

Tennessee. A#er college, he enlisted in the US Army for 4 years during the

Vietnam Era and became a decorated artillery specialist. Following his military

service, Stuart a:ended Rutgers University before going to work on Wall Street.

Stuart arrived in Dallas in 1996 where he helped form a public company, PRG.

Since his retirement, he has traveled to other countries and has lived in Prague,

Czech Republic and Guadalajara, Mexico. His hobbies include helping his wife with

the business, cooking, travel, and playing his piano.